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Doman: After the first book was published, I started to get a small but steady trickle of letters and emails from teen girls who'd read my book and who wanted another story about the same characters. I had promised them another book, and I struggled to keep that promise. Black as Night is Blanche's book, based on a more-familiar fairy tale. I drew on my experience with the friars in the South Bronx to write it. Blanche, who's been continuing to live her hidden life of modesty and virtue, finds herself subjected to mysterious and vicious attacks that seem to come out of nowhere.

She's helped by seven friars who work with the inner-city poor. Personal vocation is a big theme in this book: Blanche is going through the crisis that I suspect many young adults experience when they're about to choose their life's path.

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At one point, she says, "I just wish I knew why I felt so under attack. It's as though my life has turned into a chess game I just keep trying to go straight ahead and mind my own business Blanche has always been a good Catholic, but she's found out that the older she gets, the more strongly she's attacked.

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Her childhood faith is being tested in order to grow into an adult faith. The subtext of the a book is about choosing your life's path as well as dealing with issues from your past. And of course it's a book about romance, because choosing your life partner is a critical decision young adults usually make during that time. There will be a third book about Rose, the more spirited sister whom everyone wants to hear more about.

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Unpack that remark a bit, if you would. Doman: I received that insight from G. Chesterton, who said in Orthodoxy , "Oddities do not strike odd people. This is why ordinary people have a much more exciting time, while odd people are always complaining about the dullness of life. This is also why the new novels die so quickly and why the old fairy tales endure forever.

The old fairy tale makes the hero a normal human boy: it is his adventures that startle him: they startle him because he is normal. But in the modern psychological novel the hero is abnormal So many books I was reading then featured a teenage protagonist who saw himself-herself as weird, different, an outsider, not filling parental or societal expectations, needing to break out and be different and not a clone It's the same with most adult books too. Who feels strange, not akin to his fellow bear-eaters.

He finds their ways strangely uncomfortable. He doesn't like to eat raw bears. There's always that telltale annoying self-centrism and the smug downgrading of any culture before birth control.

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As a counterpoint, the novel Kristin Lavransdatter plunges you right into the culture of the Catholic Middle Ages. It's so refreshing -- she's an ordinary person in an extraordinary, dangerous, and wonderful world, which is of course even more extraordinary to us moderns. And their "universe" is the world of New York City, with all its ugliness and danger and loneliness. They're on an adventure, but they know they're just ordinary girls. Of course they're not really ordinary, because of their outlook.

That was how I set out to take G.

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Chesterton's challenge and write a modern novel as if it were a fairy tale. By some crazy finger of God, I succeeded. In part two of her interview Doman talks about the state of young adult literature, including the Harry Potter books. It will appear on IgnatiusInsight. Circumstances have conspired to place Blanche Brier entirely on her own this summer in New York City while Arthur "Bear" Denniston is in Europe and her family is on vacation.

She is not sure she can trust her own sanity. Even the refuge she is forced to take among some lively Franciscan friars does not protect her from dangerous attacks. Blanche must rely on herself to sort out the ominous, seemingly disconnected events which will not let up until all appearance of hope seems gone.

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It is , and American Tom McCord, a year-old aspiring doctoral candidate, is in England researching the historical evidence for the legendary King Arthur. There he meets perky and intuitive Lau…. Regina Doman Waking Rose Similar books. A novel for teens and adults based on a fairy tale by the Brothers Grimm "I love him more than poetry I love him more than song. Want to Read.

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Rate it:. George Peterson would rather wrestle at a big high school, but he has to go to a new school run by Catholic parents: John Paul 2 High. The Borrowed House by Hilda van Stockum. During World War II a young German girl, who has been indoctrinated into the Hitler Youth, travels to occupied Amsterdam to rejoin her parents then comes to realize the truth about the war. Shelve The Borrowed House. Enemy Brothers by Constance Savery.

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British airman Dym Ingleford is convinced that the young German prisoner, Max Eckermann, is his brother Anthony who was kidnapped years before. Regina Doman was born in in Havertown, Pennsylvania. She lived in New York City and worked as assistant editor. The sequel, Black as Night, was published in Her first picture book, Angel in the Waters, has sold over 90, copies.