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My name is Galanti - Paul Galanti. The universal danger signal, as I found out later. They were hauled out of the cell block, tortured and I did not see Paul for three years. The rules of the new ball game were quite simple. To lead was to be tortured. To communicate with a fellow prisoner was a de facto sign of leadership resulting in torture.

To fail to bow was to be beaten and tortured. To fail to do exactly what you were told and when you were told was to be tortured.

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Medical attention was reserved to those who might have some propaganda value and then only in respect to the parts of you that showed. Food and water were rationed out only to the extent to keep you alive but in a weakened condition. Lenient and humane treatment were defined as permitting you to live. You were being held as a hostage and as a propaganda tool; otherwise you had no value.

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You were a slave to communist ideology. But after all -- the Army-Navy game! Doesn't that beat all! The pampered nephews of Uncle Sam!! The Boat School Boys [Footnote 1 ] are forever with me! I really don't know if that is a curse or a blessing. Although I must admit that it took a set of cajones balls for Paul to get the rules of the road and the tap code to me.

Get PDF USNA LIfe! Families, Homes and Treasured Memories of the United States Naval Academy

He was a Boat School Boy, but I must admit, having already been tortured, that his rules of the road were a Godsend to my resistance posture. I knew what it was to be an enlisted man as my father and brother had been before me. I did not take it to be a sign of second class status -- it was just different. I was a NavCad for the purpose of being a naval aviator, not of being an officer; if you had to be an officer to fly from carriers then so be it, no big deal. But these officers were something else! Here's how the myth built up in my mind.

Recognize, that as far as I was concerned initially, all officers were Boat School Boys. NavCads ran out to the obstacle course; officers rode out and back in a Cattle Car.

Much more than documents.

NavCads formed up for church call on Sunday while the officers drove by, shooting us the Hawaiian Peace Sign, to pick off all the best looking girls at Pensacola Beach. NavCads got to man fire bottles while the Officers started their engines. NavCads took the leftovers while the officers got the prime flight times and first shots at available aircraft. Not complaining mind you; just a fact of life registering more because they were no better or no worse an aviator than you were.

As a plowback instructor in advanced training, I started to sort out the Boat School Boys. They hung in there together. They were adventuresome but overconfident. But they were as a rule unprepared for hops, careless about academics, and cavalier about performing for grades. Boat School Boys cont As a plank owner in a new fleet attack squadron forming up, it became obvious to me that the leadership put the Boat School Boys in desirable positions of trust.

In the wardroom their napkin numbers kept them together at the formal sittings. They tended to pull liberty together. They had contacts ashore and afloat that enabled them to get things done and take care of their troops in a manner I could only aspire to. They got the recommendations to Test Pilot School and nifty post graduate programs.

Sound green eyed with envy? Left out? It may sound like it, but it is not so. They were different and I was different. Someday they would be in command and in the Flag Mess. We were different. And how different the Boat School Boys were!

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  • Hans was a nominee to the US Naval Academy because of his demonstration of leadership, commitment to education, self discipline and sense of social responsibility. Hans possessed the exceptional qualities " Excelling Academically and Athletically". After a very competitive, lengthy and rigorous process, Hans was among the brightest and best elite few selected based on his academic excellence, superior test scores, top physical condition and having self- motivated leadership throughout his high school career.

    Hans owned and operated a large business with 15 employee underneath him "Jacobson Lawn Landscaping"company in Silver Springs, Maryland. Hans met and fall in love with Venus on August 18, within a few months he had sold his business to move out to Tucson, Arizona.

    The Wild Smithberrys | "Life is a journey not a destination." -family motto | Page 6

    It was love at first sight and throughout their 17 years together the couple was blessed with a strong family bond which was unbreakable and the unconditional love for each other undeniable. My husband, soulmate and best-friend Hans, the absolute love of my life.

    Your love and friendship was a gift most valued and cherished. You had such a talent for bringing special meaning to my life and those around you, it was such a pleasure to be your wife. You were a man of honor, kindness and humility. Hans, you were like my rock strong, faithful and true. You always absorbed my worries at times of trouble, I would hid behind your existence feeling safe and secure.

    You were always so dedicated and your family your greatest joy in life. October is usually a great month here.

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    • By the end of the month, nights will start to turn cold, as Aaron and Elijah can attest to by trick-or-treating in heavy coats and thermal underwear. November will bring the start of the rains.

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      However, by December, the mountains will once again be clad in snow singling another change is happening as we move into winter. I will have to write to tell you about all the wonderful things to do around Christmas here! I admit, I do love having the four seasons. We leave for Annapolis, Maryland, Saturday! This will be a conflicting emotional trip for us. We bought four tickets to Washington D. We will leave Aaron behind to embark on his own adventure as a new Midshipman at the U. Naval Academy. He is starting a life apart from us.

      Even though we know that children growing up and leaving home is the inevitable natural course of events in life, we are still trying to accept it. We are very happy for him and extremely proud. I just cannot believe that the day is almost here when he will be going away. I will greatly miss his presence around the home. I remember when we brought him home from the hospital.

      We were new parents without a clue as to what to do with our new bundle of joy. We put him on our bed and just stared at him transfixed while he slept. For all of the mistakes I made along the way, I am sorry Aaron. After all, you were my first go around at being a father. You were the prototype, son 1.