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  1. How Can I Look 10 Years Younger at 40?
  2. How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Getting Older
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AGE is a peculiar concept. We tend to think of it as the number of birthdays we have celebrated — our chronological age. But this is just one indicator of the passage of time. We also have a biological age, a measure of how quickly the cells in our body are deteriorating compared with the general population. Just take a look around: we all know people who look young for their age, or folks who seem prematurely wizened.

Even in an individual, different parts of the body can age at different speeds.

How Can I Look 10 Years Younger at 40?

And most likely we have children. We also have—wait for it—the certain knowledge that we will die. Therefore, if we're as smart as we should be in our fifth decade, we know that we are lucky to have the luxury of giving a hoot about what basically boils down to a child that we could have mothered and nursed. That is why their cheeks are still chubby. If you truly want to demystify the allure of a young, beautiful woman, start shopping at Lululemon or Urban Outfitters regularly.

Get to know the staff or better yet, eavesdrop on their conversations when you're stuffing your thighs into a pair of flowered yoga pants. Listen as they regale each other with tales of mascara mishaps, drunken escapades and crappy boyfriends. Better yet, see if you can catch them rationalizing their latest diet scheme or plotting out their future. It's dismally validating.

They are filled with gobs of naive pride and hope—the prettier they are, the more deluded. All while working retail. It's priceless.

How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Getting Older

You'll float out of the dressing room and whether or not you buy that overpriced trendy item, you will learn without a doubt that wisdom indeed is power and where you once felt inadequate you will now see yourself as the rock star you are. Especially now that big butts are IN. Elise A. Miller is a fitness trainer and creative writing teacher in Philadelphia, and the author of upcoming debut novel, Star Craving Mad SparkPress, August 4, Type keyword s to search.

The genetic aging theory

Today's Top Stories. The 20 Most Ignored Cancer Symptoms. Cultura Getty Images. Advertisement - Continue Reading Below. More From Wellness. The Best Sandals for Plantar Fasciitis. Exercise does wonders not only for creating a hot bod, it can help to improve your mood and give you more energy throughout the day.

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You don't have to run a marathon in order to get on the path to feeling younger. Just doing cardio for an hour a day for at least five days will rejuvenate muscle mass and rev up the metabolism. Leave kid food for the kids. Eating kid food will not make you feel young and it can actually make you feel older than you really are. Fresh vegetables, lean meat and whole grains are the only way to regain your youth. Reflect and meditate at least once a day. Stress can add years to your life both mentally and physically. In addition to eating a healthy diet and exercising, meditation or reflection at least once a day, in a quiet peaceful setting will help you quell the stress demons.

Visit your physician.

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Body and hormonal changes continue to occur throughout middle age and well into old age. Visit your doctor to have necessary tests performed and possibly medication prescribed to keep you at the top of your game. Set goals. If you are middle aged or beyond and feel as though your best years are behind you, you will most likely feel extremely old. If you find yourself saying that you would have loved to have been a doctor or actor but are too old, stop yourself. It is never too late to realize your dream, no matter your age. Pursue dreams you had, but never had time to address.

Perhaps you were too busy raising children or just trying to make ends meet, but now have time and possibly the money to re-focus on what you want. Use your education and life skills to reach goals. Perhaps in your twenties you had no idea how you would ever reach a certain goal. Bring someone along for the ride.